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Contact: +371 28 300 800
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Gilis jaunumi

Meet our new surgeons in September!

You have probably noticed our clinics surgeons Dr. Ansis Ģīlis and
Dr. Janis Lapiņš in the corridors and treatment rooms of the clinic.

They have gained their experience with patients not only in our clinic in surgery with Doctor Jānis Ģīlis but in the University Clinic “Gaiļezers” treating patients in the Microsurgery Unit, as well as in clinics abroad.

They obviously are their own profession enthusiasts, Doctor Jānis Ģīli’s students with a great practical and theoretical baggage. Sharp minds and knowledge of the latest treatment methods is their calling card.

In September, you’ll have a great opportunity to go to counseling and to perform a variety of cosmetic surgery and manipulation of these doctors at our clinic for the special introductory price. Use this interesting offer on the way to the most beautiful YOU this autumn!

Special prices on procedures during September: