About the clinic

Dr.Janis Gilis’ private clinic was founded on 1992 and has been occupying stable and leading positions among plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine institutions for 30 years. The clinic is one of the rare private clinics in Latvia where the consultation and administrative complex, as well as the operating block and recovery area are located in the same building, thus providing comfort, information and security to the patients. Clinic is accesible for people with mobility disabilities.

Our clinic employs 25 professionally educated and reliable workers who take care for ensuring comfort to our patients and fulfilling their wishes.
The plastic surgery clinic is located in exclusive area right in the heart of Riga ‑ on 31 Baznicas street, where our visitors can enjoy a beautiful view over the Old Gertrude Church and other architectural masterpieces of Riga.

Plastic surgeon Janis Gilis: “A private clinic means my personal responsibility and uncompromising standards of excellence. In our clinic we provide unique operating and recovery conditions that guarantee maximum aesthetic outcome and absolute confidentiality.”