Gilis jaunumi

Silhouette Lift

Gentle, without major incisions or drainage, and with a practically immediate and long-lasting result after a process which takes just 45 minutes – those are the keywords for the latest and most progressive method to restore your facial and neckline skin.  It’s called Silhouette Lift.

The Silhouette Lift operation takes less than 45 minutes.  Local anaesthesia is used, and a very small incision is made under your hairline, near your temples.  Threat with several strengthening cones is inserted via the subcutaneous layer of fat in your cheeks.  The end of the thread is gently pulled upward and fastened.  You can go home the same evening, and recovery will take just a few days.  Two weeks after the operation, your face will once again appear youthful, and your facial lines and wrinkles will be much reduced.

Aging is an individual process, but once you pass the age of 40, the first signs of aging will become evident.  The skin on your face and neck will become drier and less elastic.  Your facial tissue and fatty tissue will gradually start to sag, and that will change the oval appearance of your face.

A modern woman who reaches the age of 40 has opportunities to choose gentle and very much non-invasive methods to fight against aging skin.  Beauty injections or beauty injections in tandem with the Silhouette Lift – when started in a timely way, that will be the perfect way of ensuring that your facial skin has a gentle and natural texture and that the oval shape of your face is maintained.  Today you don’t have to wait for the moment that will allow you to look younger.  All that you need is the thorough Silhouette Lift operation.